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I Create The Flames - Phyrra :iconthereelsugarsword:TheReelSugarsword 7 12 Jeff The Fish - Swim to Sleep 2 :iconglibmonster:glibmonster 2 2 Spiral :iconwolfclaw2014:Wolfclaw2014 6 4 HAPPY B-DAY NIKI :iconsnowyheartyay:SnowyHeartyay 3 8 Nahele :iconjustneon:JustNeon 2 1 Guardian of the forest :iconsnoopyetta:Snoopyetta 11 6 Two Brothers, Two Leaders :iconthereelsugarsword:TheReelSugarsword 6 2 Vex - ID Commission :iconthereelsugarsword:TheReelSugarsword 6 6
Some art that I think is pretty cool, excluding mine, if that shows up here, idk what to tell you.

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Joshua Leon Tarver
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
My Only DA Friends IRL
:iconthereelsugarsword: :iconwolfclaw2014:

Name's Josh, that's what you shall call me by. I draw, and I hate trying to do digital art, it just... I hate it, too complex. Here I will draw and take a pic of it, and show it to the internet, where nothing it forgotten and humiliation is worse than death... Aren't we a bunch of happy people?
(I was dared to do this by one of my IRL friends... please save me.)
(The ship consists of Me, (Josh) and my crush (Amber))
(She already knows I like her and shizz, and she likes meh, but I'm don't wanna take it too far and jump to fkin gf level... Q////Q)
(I'm writing these to avoid the torture...It is inevitable... LETS FKIN JUMP IN!)
(I'm gonna write side notes of my torture... why? Comedy, I guess.)

    I laid on the floor of my room, scrolling through multiple news pages on my phone, only looking at terrorism stuff, "Damn, I'm a sadist." I looked to the side, trying to find a notable reason to get up off the floor.
1. Its fucking cold.
2. I'm making this list cause I have nothing to do, if I got up, maybe I could do something with my life instead of noting reasons to prolong myself from doing so.

    I sighed, getting up, and heard the door shut, "Dafuq? Aren't I home by myself?" I glanced out my room to see Amber, ((cause that isn't creepy/convenient at all)) I walked out, "Hey, nobody's here, except for you and me right now." I said, putting my phone in my pocket, 'Oh shit that sounded rapist as all balls.' I quickly corrected myself, "Ugh, not in a weird way, just sayin." ((Way to go slick, even though I'm talking to myself.))

    She laughed, "No problem." I face-palmed, "God I'm stupid." I said, laughing. She looked at me, seemingly amused, I looked back at my phone, "Have you eaten anything?" She shook her head, I looked at the time, about 6:45. ((Convenient time plot is convenient.)) I laughed, "Damn, guess I haven't either." I headed to the kitchen, and looked at what I had, "Hm, wanna try something that I found online?" She laughed, "I guess, as long as it isn't filled with pranks."
I laughed to myself, "I am the meme lord." ((No, I'm not, that title belongs to :iconsnoopyetta:))
I grabbed what I needed and started to lay it out, we made light conversation as I prepared the food to cook.
As it cooked, more light conversation, 'I think we're both to antisocial as fuck to say anything.." I slightly blushed at the thought, because I knew it was true. ((Oh god, do me a favor and end my life.))

--------------------------------------TiMeSkIp FoR rEaSoNs---------------------------------

Welcome to the end because I'm too much of a fking embarrassed bastard because of this.

                                                              Puppet Bonnie's Existential Life Crisis (Chat Icon Triggered Puppet Bonnie's Existential Life Crisis (Chat Icon 


I guess ill make this a multi-parter... cause I'm such a fking baby.

Foxy Intensifies Chat Icon Freddy's Nope Chat Icon Kiara cry Death Inferno spin emoticon Jerry scream icon Yoshi Crying 


*le sigh* I am slowly improving...

*writes in emphasis* SLOWLY
No new pics for a while, battling thalassemia, been feeling like crap lately.
Also feeling sick because of something I have to write, which makes me feel depressed and sickened at the same time. ;-;
Welp I went to a parade today...

best part of it was a drunk guy yelling then fell onto the cobblestone.
I was looking at my username, and thought, "Why Is it JoshandBanjo?" Why not BanjoandJosh or use the last two letters of his name to transfer it into my name, like BanJosh, oh... wait... Don't ban me, DA. XD


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